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Des (1-3) IGF-1 (or IGF-1 Des) is similar to IGF-1 but is much more anabolic. IGF-1 Des removes the last 3 amino acids in the IGF-1 causing it to be about 10 times more potent. Well let’s take look at this a bit closer. First of all what is IGF and what does it do. IGF is Insulin-like Growth Factor. It is a peptide chain consisting of 70 amino acids. In mammals it plays a primary role in developmental growth and exhibits anabolic effects once fully grown. It has a direct effect on cell growth and development. IGF is produced in the liver and acts primarily on the IGF receptors as well as secondarily on the insulin receptors. Its effects are regulated or mediated by IGF binding proteins. These proteins bind to the IGF rendering it inactive. This is how IGF levels are controlled in mammals. DES(1-3)igf-1 is a “cleaved” form of IGF. It consists of 67 amino acids rather than 70, bound by peptide bonds. What this modification has done is reduced the ability of binding proteins to render the IGF inactive. Therefore this form of IGF is much more potent at exerting its effects than regular IGF. There is simply more available to bind to both IGF and insulin receptors. It should be mentioned that while DES (1-3) IGF is probably the most potent form of IGF available, it has a relatively short active life, around 30 minutes. Therefore in our research more frequent administration may have a more substantial impact. There are also anecdotal reports or researchers noting a “site specific” effect while administering this form of IGF. Meaning the location where its administered seems to experience a more amplified effect of the benefits IGF offer to our research subjects. To sum it up DES(1-3) igf-1 is a much more potent form of IGF with a shorter active life that exhibits strong anabolic effects. The strongest measured anabolic effects of any IGF available. Also of note, as it also acts on the insulin receptor, it exerts the effects of traditional insulin at approximately 10% of the effect. It is a very interesting research compound worthy of our interest.

Buy IGF-1 steroids online


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