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Sample accepted VISA/MASTER gift cards
03 May

Sample accepted VISA/MASTER gift cards

Payments via VISA OR MASTER CARDS have been a tedious process for us to successfully implement in order to accept payments from our customers and we are glad to let you know that we now accept visa and master cards.

We exclusively accept visa and masters gift cards only .No bank cards or credit/debit cards will be accepted under no circumstances as a security measure added to our servers.You could use your bank cards to easily purchase gift cards loaded with the funds you wish to deposit in your wallet on our site to place your order.Deposit funds on our site is instant and very easy and once completed you can buy any product listed on our site. Below are sample pictures of the cards and for where you can get them you can check out our other posts. You can also check out our other on how to deposit funds using any bank cards (Credit card or Debit Card) easily too.




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